Productivity Planner 2019 for Entrepreneurs! Focus Project Notebook for Business! Best Daily Weekly Self Organizer Planner / Win the Day! Beat Procrastination! Ifocus - A5 Undated
FULL FOCUS TO GET THE JOB DONE! UNLIKE most journals555 agendas or diarys555 Ifocus is created for you with one purpose in mind: Full focus to get things done! This is YOUR UNFAIR .....
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FULL FOCUS TO GET THE JOB DONE! UNLIKE most journals, agendas or diarys, Ifocus is created for you with one purpose in mind: Full focus to get things done! This is YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! Imagine: You start working but confusion and interruptions get in your way. NOW you can easily handle the daily chaos during your busy workday. 2019 could be your best year ever if you start to implement focus and priorities as a new weekly and daily habit in your life and business. GETTING THINGS DONE never been more challenging than these days: Random events in our daily life constantly try to push us into a disorganized, stressful state where we could lose our happiness and effectiveness. Confusion, Distraction, interruption easily become a part of our lives and prevent us from reaching our goals. ( most small businesses fail within 5 years)Here is the deal: You NEED a tool, that can help you to stay on track, stay organized, focused. THE TRUTH: IT'S NOT AN EASY TO USE "TOY" or a magic pill for lazy folks. To be more productive requires work and a TOTALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH you are using right now. It's challenging to use Ifocus and fill out daily. It's uncomfortable and sometimes hard, but totally worth it. DO NOT BUY it if you want an easy solution. It's not your planner, honestly, you're just wasting your money. BEST PROJECT PLANNER 2019 FOR ENTREPRENEURS: Proven and tested pages! The monthly, weekly and daily sections will help you to organize and prioritize your tasks or usual to-do lists. Schedule your meetings with ease, stay motivated during the week, and accomplish more day by day. IFOCUS IS THE BEST GIFT FOR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND COLLEGUES if you want them to be more successful and happy. USE ONLY THE BEST PLANNERS and organizers for women! FEATURES BUILT FOR YOU: The 90 day Planner lays flat when you open it. Ink-proof, thick paper, hardcover, more than 40 extra pages for your important business notes, unlike in other journals, the monthly weekly and daily planner pages comes in sequence, the cover is not leather but a beautiful luxurious textile, so your hands will not be wet when it's hot outside. Comes in a nice gift box, you can use it as an undated power calendar, project planner, notebook, appointment book. or day timer
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